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Phat HoangTan
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"To start earning free cash right now, simply click offers on top, choose an offer or paid survey that interests you and complete it's requirements, you will then be on your way to getting Fast online payments and gift cards sent to you as we get the requests!

We strive to be one of the best GPT sites out there and will do everything we can to make this YOUR favorite site to make money online! All of our navigation links are at the top and your balance will be displayed at the top of every page. We hope you enjoy our unique look and if you need any help at all, do not hesitate to open up a support ticket, we are here to help!"
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September 9, 2016

This Site USED TO BE Awesome But Isn't Anywhere Near Awesome Anymore Since the Site Was Sold
Yes, this site was sold to the new admin from VietNam who doesn't appear to know the slightest thing about running a GPT site. The shoutbox now is filled with creepy smiling emoticons which appear to be placed there by the new admin and his multiple bogus accounts to give the appearance that everything is fine and dandy with the site while the site still sits totally screwed up and there's no evidence that anyone is ever getting paid at all.

August 8, 2011

Awsome gpt site, the best n the web in my opinion, read below for my further comments on this site.
I have been an active member of piggybankgpt for about 6 mths now, I always get paid instantly, my offers go through very quickly, and steady.
Gina the admin has posted videos that walks you right through the offer process.
The people on this site are very friendly, and helpful. In my opinion this is the number 1 gpt site that i have come across yet, and i have been to quite a few. GO PIGGYBANKGPT!
July 7, 2010

I'm new to the GPT thing however I must say that PiggyBankGPT is the best GPT site I have came acros
I'm new to the GPT thing however I must say that PiggyBankGPT is the best GPT site I have came across so far. In the 1 hour 59 minutes and 11 seconds that I was on the phone with my friend I earned $3.65 as they just put a temporally lowered the payout minimum for instant paypal payout to $1.00 this money is sitting in my savings account as I write this review.

The people on the site are nice, there is always a mod on the site, and people are happy to answer any questions you have. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.

5 STARS all around.
blink3's rating:
May 5, 2010

Very good site. There is amazing customer support, and you can get into contact with them easily.
Very good site. There is amazing customer support, and you can get into contact with them easily. They have all sorts of offers. Ranging from PTC to Free Surveys, they have them all! I recommend this site to anyone that is interested in making money fast. 5 Stars PiggyBankGPT!
April 4, 2010

It is a big paying site in world.it offers money by completing offers,daily clicks and other source
It is wonderful and one of the best site that I have ever found.It offers so many signup offers and daily clicks to earn money.It is the highest PTC Site that pays so many for completing an offer than any other PTC Site.I Love This Site.It Is The Greates Site.I have been involved in PTC Sites for more than 3 months but it is the first site that I have Rated and Reviewed it due to its reality,honesty and legit site.If someone asked me about PTC Site ,so I will tell him about PiggyBankGPT.
mykcecille's rating:
April 4, 2010

Another good GPT
This GPT have a lot of offers to signed up.. and a great Admin they have
cutiemimi09's rating:
April 4, 2010

the site has a very user-friendly look and features.
They also offer a good and high amount of paid to click offer :)
ArsalanAshraf's rating:
April 4, 2010

This is a best GPT site.
This is a best GPT site.

I worked with many websites, this is the best GPT earning money site forever
shannon66's rating:
March 3, 2010

Piggybank is a honest Site the admin really cares about the needs of their members
There are alot of great offers at Piggybank.the Admin is honest they do regulare payout for their members.
i love this site and they will survive
March 3, 2010

I proof GPT site piggybankgpt
I proof GPT site piggybankgpt and at the moment it's a lovely site, $5 payout is not easy for me, I am from Spain and much offers are for another countrys, in GPT always win US UK Canada and Australia.

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