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- Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Site!

We pay more than any of those 'big' reward sites! Online & Paying since 2012

We are a reward site whose main focus is you, our members, who we wouldn't be able to exist without. Our aim is to reward you quickly and efficiently, ensuring you can use your rewards as soon as possible. All countries allowed.

How it works
1. Register - it's free, fast and easy. You will get 25 points for joining.
2. Complete Offers - Earn by watching videos, completing surveys, visiting websites, PTC and more. Daily & Weekly Contests.
3. Get Rewards - Redeem your earnings for Paypal & gift cards such as Amazon and Walmart, with more available on request. Get rewards as low as $1!
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russianarmor's rating:
April 4, 2016

The best GPT site I have ever worked. Excellent support from admin.
Hi I am from Spain. I have been playing several GPT sites as for example the wellknown clixsense. But... once the year 2016 had started, I decided to select a fresh program, that's why I decided to join keeprewarding at the end of january.

Well, at this time (april), I have more than 2000 offers completed, and close to $300 earned (or maybe more, i do not know). In spite of Spain being a not suitable country for surveys, i am doing fine there, better than in clixsense, for instance.

Here in keeprewarding you have THE WHOLE OFFERWALLS OVER THE WORLD. It is amazing, you have hundreds of earning opportunities. Minute staff... tokenads...wannads..peanut labs...and so on.

This is a site where offers are better paid than the rest of the sites. But the difference with respect to other sites is the ADMIN itself. Excellent support, he wants the people to earn, that's why offers are well paid in amount. Payments are done weekly. This is the first time inn my life that i do not worry about payments, because I trust on the site, I trust on the admin, and I just request withdrawal and forget about it.

If you need help, admin is there. If you have an idea of new offerwall to add, admin is there. That's why I forget about other ancient sites, tired of claiming for missing points and fights against hidden admins.

Well guys, I hope to have helped you. Just join...and earn dollars. Oh, there are also many contests, great contests.


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