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- Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Site!

This is a GPT site where you can earn by watching videos, taking surveys and completing offers.
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Jennyla's rating:
June 6, 2018

After 8 months without problems, two days ago they banned my account in order to not pay me the prize for first position. Also I had credited 9$ in surveys and she didn't pay me the money earned.

Be careful with this site they ban people without any reason. they put excuses and they steal the money honestly earned to the people.

They have multiple bot account that they used to avoid people to reach the first position in the ranking
Max88's rating:
May 5, 2016

I just joined yesterday and its a good site so far
I love this sites it is good to make some free cash
javel66w's rating:
May 5, 2016

best site
a very good site that pays so feel free to sign up
ilyasben's rating:
May 5, 2016

ilyasben amazing site
amazing site for earn i advice any one
to sing up in secret stash GPT
Rony666's rating:
May 5, 2016

Good site...
Really Good Site ...
fannystice123's rating:
April 4, 2016

awesome!! very good.
This is a very good site, admin is friendly and honest. Payout time is awesome, and the offers are really good.
manuelito12's rating:
April 4, 2016

Very good
Very good and excellent GPT
maxosky's rating:
April 4, 2016

Very good and honest gpt one of the best
adyna_kiss2009@yahoo's rating:
April 4, 2016

great GPT website !
I barely registered, but I find that the site looks good .
Helpmegetby's rating:
April 4, 2016

Secret Stash Gpt is a cute gpt. Features a mascot that is similar to Mrs. Clause. ;)
The surveys are decent here. The payout is fast. They been around longer than a year and offer paypal. The minimum needed to earn there is $1 to cash out. I like what I have seen so far. More professional approach than most other gpt sites out there.

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