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Grindabuck is an online rewards club that allows you to earn real rewards by completing simple tasks, taking surveys, completing offers, shopping, participating in contests, trying out products, watching videos, listening to music and much more!.

The Grindabuck rewards platform pays out in Grindabucks, our virtual rewards currency, for each activity you complete. Once you accumulate enough Grindabucks you can exchange them in the rewards store for various Gift Cards and Bitcoin.

You can join and start earning completely free. We will even start you off with your first 100 Grindabucks for creating your account. (Min. $10 cashout)
Zazzua's rating:
March 3, 2017

Grindabuck is the best GPT site on the web!
I totally agree with the previous two posters and would like to add my experience to theirs.
I was at another GPT where people were treated rudely constantly by the mods. Rules would be be broken by some and overlooked while others were chat banned for no violation at all. Complaints were not dealt with and the atmosphere was very one sided.
But then a friend told me about Grindabuck and invited me to try it out. I could not be happier! I truly have found a GPT home where the people are polite, kind and extremely helpful to each other.
The offers pay out more here than any other GPT site I have been on. Offers convert easily, with few offers being delayed or crediting days down the road. There are many walls to choose from, including a Tap Research Survey wall.
One of the most popular ways to earn are the videos. Engageme.tv has its own wall! There are also Video Lab on Offertoro and Hypermx videos for those who cant get enough of them.
The support system is A+. Ive never had a ticket go more than a few hours unanswered. The admins are super friendly and often pop into chat. They have a very easy, friendly relationship with their members which shows in the atmosphere they have created.
Like I said earlier, it was the atmosphere that impressed me the most when I first joined.
I am a very proud member of Grindabuck and highly recommend it for anyone who wants a good, productive GPT site and to be treated with respect at the same time.
I'll see you there! Be sure to drop by chat and say hi!
BeerMoneyFan's rating:
July 7, 2016

My favorite new place to find offer walls and surveys. Bitcoin payments too.
I found this site about a month ago and have stuck with it since I joined. So going on about 30ish days now. I've made about $214 in cashouts. They have bitcoin payments, but they arn't instant. Paypal cashouts are insant though which is a cool feature (they also have like amazon giftcards and stuff like that)

The best part is they have a live chat box so you can chat with other members while you do offers and surveys. They have tons of high payout surveys to do. Grindabuck is def worth spending some time to check out if you like gpt earning sites.
z3rothr33's rating:
May 5, 2016

Awesome, reliable, earning site with options to get paid with paypal, giftcards, or even Bitcoin.
Grindabuck is AWESOME! It seems to be the webs best kept secret- at least when it comes to earning extra side cash online. They launched in 2014 and just recently reached paying out $50,000 in rewards back to it's members. They are reliable, consistant, friendly, and have a clean user interface.

There are several ways to earn here, from offer walls to high paying surveys. Their offer walls appear to be fuller than other sites I've seen, while the offers also seem to pay a lil more on average than I've seen on other sites.

[Offer walls include: Peanut Labs, AdGate, AdWorks, OfferTorro, Wall Ads, Adscend, Payment Wall, Radium One, and more. High paying surverys offered from Say So, and Opnion Network, just to name a few examples.]

You won't get rich quick or anything, but it's nice to have a little extra money to pad my wallet with each month, for bills or spending money.

Cashouts occur 24/7. Payment options are PayPal & Giftcards; but a really unique feature is being able to cashout directly with Bitcoin (for all you cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there...I am one of those people so I love this place because of the Bitcoin payment option).

Once verified, PayPal payments can be withdrawn automatically with a click; Bitcoin payments are sent manually by admin (which happens several times a day).

New members get to make their first cashout at after they earn their first $10 and verify their account; but this is decreased to just $5 after that. As you gain points on their VIP program, cashout limits are lowered more.

The community over at Grindabuck is solid. They have live chat where you can get to know other members and enjoy fellowship. Older members are always willing to help tutor newer members on how to get started earning. They also have member guides to help you get started.

Admin also seems to be more personal with members here than I've seen on other sites, and it's nice to be able to get to know them. The two main admin are great guys with great attitudes; interacting with them is always a positive experience.

Right now the site is most friendly to users who reside within the United States, although there is a handful of members from other countries (some of these members have limited offers due to their location. The site is constantly working to add more offers for its members and implement new ways to earn

I'm willing to show anyone the ropes here, and my referral link is:

I hope you guys enjoy this place just as much as I have. Happy earnings!

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