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Abraham Sammut
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BlingClick is a multi-national GPT (Get Paid To) site offering a low $1 cash out to PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Perfect Money and WebMoney. No need for pricey upgrades here, you are ALREADY set up to earn the maximum as soon as you join for FREE! This includes a sign up bonus, 5 GENEROUS loyalty bonuses, a 50/50 split on ALL offers and 20% referral commissions for LIFE!

If that's not enough, they have MANY offer walls and site exclusive offers to shoot your earnings through the ROOF! Want MORE? How about a daily progressive jackpot that starts at 1 point and grows by 1 point for every entry with NO limit! Two bi-weekly contests to win with top prizes that can net you an extra $22 a month on TOP of your earnings!

Not ENOUGH? OK, how about THIS? For members who are not U.S. based and/or do not have PayPal, BlingClick covers ALL fees to ALL of their payment processors, meaning if you cash OUT a dollar, you GET a dollar! Gone are the days of your processor taking a CUT of your hard earned money! Not at THIS site. YOU earned it, YOU keep it! If you can't earn HERE, you can't earn ANYWHERE! Join BlingClick NOW!

[Fully International]

- Genuine ShiftCode Powered GPT Site!

International get paid to site make money easily low one dollar minimum to PayPal Payza Skrill and more paid surveys exclusive offers come get your bling on!
shawng5275's rating:
October 10, 2016

AWESOME site! Fast pay out and GREAT perks!
I couldn't agree MORE with this review! I have made a considerable amount of money here in a short amount of time! one of the top ref commissions OUT there, LOTS of walls to work, GREAT crediting site exclusive offers that give jackpot entries. pay outs are pretty much INSTANT when admin is around and have NEVER gone past the 24 hr. period. The contests are competitive, fun and LUCRATIVE!

They are ROCKIN for a newer site and continue to grow and evolve and are ALWAYS helpful and accessible. A lot of effort when into this site to make it stand the test of time. I have seen in the few short months that BlingClick has been open others come and go unfortunately, but THIS site has DEFINITE staying power and is CONSTANTLY on top of things and adding more and more perks for its members! Plus the covering of all fees for their processors is something I know *I* have NEVER seen any site do, which is TRULY amazing!

It's very refreshing to see and work a site so dedicated to its members and as friendly and accessible as they are! I look forward to continued growth and success at this AMAZING site for a LONG time to come!
MrGPT's rating:
October 10, 2016

This is a Great New ShiftCode GPT Site to Watch!
Yes, this site has all the makings of becoming a blockbuster GPT site!

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