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michigander's rating:
March 3, 2010

Received 19 payouts, within 2 month's. Offering daily payouts.
The site has many high end paying offer's. The offers are dated. The offers are added frequently. The site is very clean. The admin is active on site and tends to members quick and effectively.
December 12, 2009

I found this site pretty cool! Nice PTC's and offers ar up to date!
It's been only a week that I'm there, and so far I have been paid, and do the PTC's every day! and there is always a Adm. in the chat most of the time that I'm there... I see nothing wrong with the site, if I open a support ticket I recieved a reply inside of 24 hours. I think and I can tell that they do care about their site. Anyway, I don't know about before, but right now we are at the end of December 2009 and everything is smooth...I have been paid...oh yes! :) come on join it!
emjokedz's rating:
November 11, 2009

Used to be my favorite site. Now...not so much.
MTD used to be my favorite GPT. High payouts, fast withdrawals, AMAZING contests. Then they decided to close the site. So everyone cashed in everything, referrals canceled accounts, and everyone pulled their advertising. Then they decided NOT to close the site. Now, the site is there, but there's no admin to speak of. I've had trouble tickets open for weeks without answer, the forums are dead, no new offers are being added, you can't purchase advertising, and all those silver dollars everyone cashed in for sweepstakes entries when they found out the site was closing???...there hasn't been a sweepstakes since before they decided to close. It's really sad, because it used to be such a great site. :(
May 5, 2009

its a great site based on Offering PTS / PTC options to get money and work from home making dollars
the site gives you the opportunity to work from home and get paid just to click or to sign up for free to other sites
moneymaker375's rating:
April 4, 2009

Great Site
great site.i have earned lots of money there and i just recently got my march payment.so i recommend it to anyone and the owner is always there when u need help.MAKETHATDOLLAR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 4, 2009

Thank you to Makethatdollar.
Makethatdollar is Legitimate.I got paid several times.
April 4, 2009

I have joined makethatdollar.com and earned a lot of money. Join Makethatdollar.com and earn money..
Join Makethatdollar.com and earn money online.
I have joined and earned a lot.
So dont waste your time and join right now makethatdollar.com and earned a lot of money.
malyn's rating:
April 4, 2009

I am a member of makethatdollar since 2007 & i got paid so many times...its great! malyn
I am a member of makethatdollar since 2007 & i got paid so many times...its great!

April 4, 2009

I got paid again for the month of March from Make That dollar! One of the most trusted site!
Make that Dollar is the best! I always get paid every month since I started 2 years ago. They're one of the most trusted gpt site out there! Thank you MTD!
ANGEEELICA's rating:
April 4, 2009

IS the best
i have been paid 3 times before, and they pay fast

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