What is the site of the week?

The site of the week is an easy way for you to advertise your site and earn hundreds of new members! gptreview.net recieves an estimated 4,602 visits per day.[*] With a week of exposure your site can expect to shown approximately 32,214 times all on the front page!

Site of the week isn't a small banner advertisement, its a huge full page advertisement displayed directly on our homepage! Every member and visitor of gptreview.net will see your site! Best of all, our visitors are gpt site members who are active and always looking for the next best thing. This means you'll get new members and more importantly, new and active members!

Site of the week is best for sites looking for new members or for brand new websites. Imagine gaining hundreds of new visitors on the first week of your brand new gpt site all for a fraction of a penny / impression!

The advertisement includes a massive 512x462 screenshot image of your site. A section for you to describe your site and what makes it so wonderful. Visitors will also see a bright button link to your site, and a link directly to your registration page - so you get new members fast!. Also included is your site's current ratings on gptreview.net and a place to post your best review from the site.

How can I get my site featured?

Site of the week runs from Sunday 12:00am - Saturday 11:59pm (EST).

Each week of advertisement costs $35. Discounts will be available to multiple week purchases.

What are the rules?

  • We reserve the right to reject your ad for any reason.
  • Your site must be listed on gptreview.net to be eligible. [Click Here to Add Your Site].
  • Your site must not feature any vulgar, offensive, or illegal content of any kind. If we find your site in violation of this rule we reserve the right to remove your site as the featured site of the week without refund.
  • Sites that are currently listed on our Hazard list will not be eligible. (new feature coming soon)
  • gptreview.net reserves the right to make changes to these rules at anytime and without notification.

To place an ad please [Click here to contact us] and include in your message your site, what review you would like featured, a short blurb describing your site, and how many weeks you wish to have the ad shown.